Mounting TV Air Tight


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So I want to mount a 40" tv to a dot and dab wall (plasterboard bonded to block).

I was wondering however ,how can I do this and keep the holes drilled for mounting airtight. I don't want to end up with 4 holes drilled through the wall that contribute to an already poorly airtight room.

Tradesman are more than happy to drill and mount TV but none give a hoot on air tightness.


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There is an expandable foam that comes in an aerosol which could be what you are looking for. A friend did it for me a while back. Drill the holes and then spray the foam into the hole and it will expand in the gap behind. Let it harden slightly for 20 minutes or so and then put up the TV in the normal way. The foam should provide an adequate seal for the holes drilled.


4 small holes for a TV bracket will make no discernible difference to the air tightness of a regular block wall unless they drill the entire way through the blocks and then don't fill the hole with a fixture!

You could try fixings like these if you want to limit the hole required to just the plasterboard. Available in some builders providers now.