Motor insurance is there a catch?

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  1. shesells

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    Am currently doing some research in the run up to my renewal date. My current insurer wants to charge me €520 for fully comp on my Ford Focus (04), Quinn want to charge me even more but only want to charge me €290!!

    That just seems too good to be true (but would be a very helpful saving if it was kosher!). Next best is who want €350ish
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    Adrian Weckler [tech editor Sunday Business Post] is just after writing on his blog about the savings he made on his motor insurance by going through -
  3. shesells

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    Brilliant, thanks! The €290 includes breakdown cover so I'm off to phone my current company to see what they can do before I commit to

    This would mean I can actually pay it all in one rather than monthly too. Hurray for!
  4. Sandals

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    had the same experience with their house insurance for my premium for 08/09. However someone since told me they go up in price for ur second year and your better off to close ur account no. and start afresh, or better still ur husband/wife/partner name.
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    I've been with them for house insurance for a few years. Don't remember the price going up in year two. In fact, IIRC, a very helpful person from phoned me at the start of year two, told me the price for sticking with the same insurer and asked if I'd like to move to a different one for a little cheaper. I'm thinking of switching to them for car insurance this year.

    (No connection, just a customer).
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    I've compared Quinn, Hibernian and for the same car (a 04 Honda Civic 5-door). Hibernian quoted €800+, Quinn €750 and €501 (all fully comprehensive).

    So, on the face of it, that's all great. come out on top.

    BUT -
    1) I've read the policy document (Travelers - as mentioned above) and nowhere does it say that I would have the standard third party cover on other cars. For me, this is really important because I would regularly drive my father's and sibling's cars. It comes in very handy time and time again. I'd be inclined to pay the extra €250 so that I could retain that perk (Both Quinn and Hib. both stated that this did apply to their policies).

    2) Looking at their Terms & Conditions, you must have a specific (for most people quite low) number of years driving experience in Ireland and/or no claims bonus. I can't quite remember what they are. The thing is, I lived in the UK for a few years and was not driving for so long in Ireland before I left so, technically, I don't quite make the grade. I wonder how strict they are with that condition but I guess with insurance they're only waiting to get out of paying out!

    I am open to correction on these points. In fact, I'd love to hear that point 1) above is incorrect.
  7. shesells

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    I'm sure I read that there is cover on driving other cars. I thought I went through the policy document carefully.

    Luckily I have 6 years NCD here so qualify for their cover.
  8. bongo2

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    My motor insurance is up for renewal shortly. AA quoted me €330, €290 and €250. It pays to get a few quotes. I change my insurer every year.
  9. shesells

    shesells Frequent Poster

    Well I made the switch. Fingers crossed I never have to make a claim, to see how good their service is!
  10. Smashbox

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    I have to say I've been following this post closely. My mother got a crazy quote off FBD, and gave a much better one, so I think she'll be switching too.
  11. PaddyBloggit

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    FBD seem to be on self destruct.

    Their commercial vehicle insurance rates have gone through the roof. An employee told me that head office had ordered the increases ..... and the same employee told me that they were losing customers left, right and centre as a result.
  12. Smashbox

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    I can imagine. At one time, both my parents, my brother and his wife were covered. My brother left and is now with AA, my SIL left and is now with Quinn, and at the minute my parents are with FBD, my mother with her car, and my dad with his jeep, tractor, trailer and house insurance is with them. They still think they can give ridiculous quotes to people, and think that they will stick by them. My parents have been very loyal, but I am insisting my mother at least change, and will try and talk my dad around too.
  13. Bessa

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    My renewal with AXA came to me with a price tag of 715 euro, which really annoyed me. I have all the usual no claims everything. I rang them up and the lowest they would cover me for was 550, and that was more than i paid last year on a new car. The lady on the phone told me that times were hard for AXA, to which i told her times were hard at my house also. I called and got full Comp. etc. for 350 euro. The guy i spoke to told me that they wanted mature drivers only, so young drivers may not get the best deal from them.
  14. askU

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    Benifits are very small

    Section 8;

    Personal Accident Benefits:

    • Death €5000

    • Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes €5000

    • Total loss of one or more limbs which have been severed at or
    above the wrist or ankle €2500

    • Total an irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye €2500

    (iii) Our liability does not exceed €5000 in any one period of 12 months.
  15. shesells

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    The other companies aren't overly generous with those benefits either. And they tend to be covered by other insurance policies people usually have such as health insurance.
  16. allthedoyles

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    I have just processed two on-line quotes with the following result :

    • = € 290
    • = € 270 ( € 300 less € 30 on-line discount )
  17. Smashbox

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    I have just changed my mother from FBD to 123, very happy with their quote, and I too will be moving if Quinn give a bad quote for my insurance.
  18. michaelm

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    I only have one FBD policy now, down from three, and I suspect that I won't be renewing that with them. They're premiums seem to have gone up and they're not reducing them enough when you ring them.

    CCOVICH Frequent Poster

    I've always found the AA more competitive than any of the online brokers, but it really does depend on who you are/what you drive/where you are based/what age you are etc. From what I have heard, some insurers have been increasing premiums recently, regardless of claims etc.
  20. Moneypit

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    Myself and my husband also got a much cheaper quote from for our car insurance which is due for renewal next month. Our current insurers Allianz have put their prices up a good bit and the very best quote we got from them was €840, can do it for €590, big difference but when I checked out Travelers Insurance Reviews (known previously as St. Pauls in Ireland) they come out very badly in the US where they are main Insurer, 68% of their customers surveyed said they were very disatisfied with their service, apparently awful when you want to claim for something so it's hard to know what to do, would that level of service be similar in Ireland?