Mortgage Switch and close down payment query


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I am just looking for advice. I have just switched from PTSB to AIB.
My last mortgage payment to PTSB was on the 24th of September of 859.19.
My solicitor paid them €124,375. 28 on the 27th of September.

When I checked the online banking I believe there is an overpayment of over 1k but PTSB has only refunded me 580. I rang the bank to query the deficit but the guy on the phone was of no help whatsoever. Is there a way I can clarify that the overpayment refunded to me was the correct payment. Here is what I saw on the line banking when the solicitor had paid the money and I had paid the mortgage payment...

I am assuming that the remainder 123k was an automatic calculation after my monthly mortgage payment came out but not including the money sent in by the solicitor.

Can anyone offer advice or suggestions?



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€124,375 - €123,853 = €522. Not sure where I see >1k overpayment. I'm not sure where they calculate the 580 - that looks too much at first glance