Mortgage rate 'war'

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    I think that's a fair statement, particularly when you take the cashbacks into account.

    For example, PTSB's High Value 3-Year Fix <60% LTV has a notional rate of 2.95% but an effective rate over three years of only 2.17% when you allow for the cashbacks (2% at drawdown, plus 2% of each monthly mortgage payment).
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    Ah, my bad - I looked at the rates in headline table rather than their high value rates.

    I've looked at it properly now, and withdraw my comment.

    Factoring in the 2% refund of repayments makes them attractive for some scenarios, particularly the 3 year term.

    It makes no sense that their 5 year notional rates are lower than shorter terms, but results in decent rates, although the 3% cashback from BoI is still a lower effective rate.

    The best buy tables are getting more complex to maintain!
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    Absolutely, there are a lot of variables at play.
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    One would almost think that the banks are seeking to profit from the confusion that they create.
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