Mortgage providers and capital gains tax


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Hello, We are living in France and returning to Ireland in the summer to live We have been in France since 2009 , have rented our house out since 2010. We initially bought in 2000. In two weeks we are visiting Ireland and will talk to some banks about mortgage but would appreciate advice.
We are with Bank of Ireland for our current mortgage, our savings are predominantly AIB, though we also have some with Permanent, and EBS . So the question is who is the best to talk to and should we consider An post who recently I saw are offering 1% less?

We would hope to keep the house we have and buy a second one (1st house is too small for family and wrong side of the city to family) Bray is more likely financially so we may have to sell. We have rented our house out while away and all taxes are paid. If we sell it to buy a new family home are we liable for capital gains tax?

Brendan Burgess

I strongly advise that you edit your question and the title and deal with the tax issue alone.

Then ask another question about getting a mortgage