Mortgage on a €25k salary

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    Exactly. Hard to see how it was possible.
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    I doubt he received much of a pay rise considering all the austerity measures that were introduced. Maybe he received inheritance or won it.
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    Oops sorry I neglected this after bumping it!

    I did get a salary raise, nothing huge
    Current €31,000

    Some (inconsistent and now non existent) bonuses certainly helped along with lots of overtime.

    I look back and wonder if I should have taken the plunge much much sooner, when I had say 10% deposit etc

    It's hard to tell! At the moment, I believe I'm saving at a rate higher than house prices can go up by but it's time to start proactively looking for a home (I think!), my money is making no money for a long time now (It's sitting in the local credit union!)

    Living at home has enabled me to save 90% of my wages.

    I spend the money I get from overtime on social, Netflix/Spotify etc

    I haven't taken any expensive trips in the past 3 or 4 years, some nice inexpensive Europeans city breaks.

    I'm now 30, it's time to move out!
    Hopefully in the next 6-12 months.
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    Does this mean a two bed has gone from 100k to 200k? From 2013 to 2014.

    What rent would that achieve in the area he mentioned.

    Great effort on the savings.
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    Thanks Bronte I value your opinion and enjoy your posts!

    Back 3/4 years ago when I started this thread there was a lot of €90k to €125k 2 bed options

    Dunboyne castle
    Summerseat Clonee
    Ard Cluain Clonee

    Typical rent now seems to be €1,400-€1,550 for a 2 bed

    My intention is still a 2 bed and renting out the second room bearing rent a room relief in mind.

    I think I need to go chat with a mortgage advisor in the bank.

    I love the idea of waiting to hit the €100k deposit mark and really minimise the mortgage monthly repayment/term but I think that's a little to ideal!

    I need to do some serious thinking re ratio of deposit/mortgage, it would be foolish to consider spending my rainy day fund/unexpected life expenses fund etc!