Mortgage mistake


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Just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this before I speak to my solicitor tomorrow.

Got a site transferred from my Dad to me in 2010. Am now trying to move my mortgage from EBS and my solicitor has requested the deeds from them. All they received was a copy of a folio number which is actually only a small portion of our site. Our house is not on this portion and is in fact on a piece of ground that still is in my Dads name. It seems that the rest of the site was never transferred over to me and that all I officially own is the entrance. We have requested a map from the land registry to see what was lodged with them but my understanding if it now is that we got our mortgage based on this small piece of land (it's our gateway and a small piece of our driveway). Just wondering if the bank actually have any call on our house at all?
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Please edit your thread title to make it more meaningful. That will help you get a better response.