Mortgage interest relief after getting married

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    I bought my house in 2005 as a single person and have been claiming mortgage interest relief as a single person since. I got married last year and my new wife and myself now live in the home.

    So I'm wondering if I can now claim mortgage interest relief at the married rate. Or would it make sense if my wife also claimed mortgage interest relief as a single person.

    I paid 4500 in interest last year. At this amount will I stand to gain anything from changing?

    Thanks in advance!
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    As you bought your house as a single individual you are currently getting TRS relief at a single persons rate/ceiling. You may be due additional relief on your mortgage now you are married, I had posted on a thread about this before (see my last post):
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    The interest ceiling for single is 10k, married 20k.

    If you were paying 13k interest as a single person, then getting married will give you TRS on the extra 3k.

    But as you pay 4,500 interest, it seems you already get relief on all of it.
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    As you bought in 2005 you are considered to be a 1st time buyer until 31st Dec 2011, and you get the single persons 1st time buyer threshold of €10,000. However from 1st Jan 2012 your threshold for interest drops to €3000, which is why it may be of benefit of you to claim the higher married threshold.
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    Thanks Leaky

    I've applied for it anyway as I think I should gain some bit because I've gone over the 7 year mark. Thanks for the advice.
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    Mortgage inrerest relief

    Would anyone know the answer to this question as I've read various replies to it on this site but i'm not sure which is the correct answer.
    I bought a property in 2012 (in my sole name). I am a Non first time buyer. I am getting married soon. Can my husband who is a FTB claim first time buyer relief on my mortgage (even though his name isn't on the deeds). Thanks
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    Can anyone help me with my situation please. My husband I married last year, 2011. We both bought houses in 2005 as ftb. Since we married he has moved into my house and has his rented out. He is completely above board and has registered with the prtb. We havent notified Revenue about our changed status. We are unsure what way we stand with having the two houses and if our tax relief will change on our family home since budget 2011. Any advice welcome. Thanks.