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    Not sure if has any traction. Back in 2006 myself and my fiancee (now wife) applied for a mortgage with EBS. The Manager we where dealing was known to my wife's family due to banking with EBS for many years. Anyway, when we went to the EBS branch and discussed the mortgage, house and supplied all the relevant salary certs. When it came to filling in the actual EBS mortgage forms we were told just to sign the bottom and she'd fill in the rest. I had previously had a Tracker mortgage with AIB and of course at the time never followed up the Tracker request due to the excitement of buying a new house. Mortgage approval came through and bought the house. Forward to many years later and with the usual financial as everyone we decided to temporarily fix our mortgage with EBS with some of the reduced rates they were offering. When we spoke over the phone they were very explicit in their request that we ourselves fill out the form in its entirety. This has sent alarm bells ringing with us regarding the original mortgage application only signed by ourselves. Do you think that we should advance this to someone else? Has anyone else had this experience and if so what was the outcome?

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    I don't understand your complaint.

    You applied for a mortgage but didn't care about the mortgage rate or anything else. You just signed the application form without reading it.

    You did not apply for a tracker.
    You did not get a tracker.
    You did not lose a tracker.

    What's the issue?

    If you had read the form would it have made any difference?

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    Hi Davkav -
    I have very serious concerns about how my mortgage was handled in an ebs branch, in 2008, by two of their mortgage team. Indeed on closer inspection of my information it seems they sent our loan agreement to some random solicitor - even though the correct detail are in our file and on our application form?
    Also reference in our loan agreement stating we must fill out a tracker application form before they will let us drawn down the loan and even though we did fill out a tracker application form and its in our file - theya re telling us that was a 'mistake ' the reference to the tracker application form should not have been in this legal document - seriously -??? what a joke

    I would have serious concerns about the level of professionalism in this organisation at that time.

    I would say request all infomation on your loan particularly the application form they filled in and the contract see whats there
    - go through it very very carefully - who know what is in it ( or missing )

    - also see if you were to revert to a 'variable base rate' becuase thats another JOKE - apparently a product that does not exist or magically turned into a standard variable rate when it suited ebs for it not to be a tracker anymore?

    Also take a look at an aib loan offer at the time and then an ebs loan offer - they are worlds apart - aib's is a properly presented legal document ( approcx 17pages ) with definiations for each product your are being provided - the EBS loan offer ( 3 pages) document is a TOTAL JOKE
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    Hi Brendan,

    My question was about the validity of the branch manager getting us to sign the form and then for her to say ‘sure I’ll fill in the rest’???
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    It was also 2006 when tracker mortgages were not on the tip of your tongue unless you were an experienced house mover.