Mortgage Drawdown - Letter of Offer Expiring - Any tricks/angles to avoid re-applying when dealing with 1-3 days difference?


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Hi folks,

Just in the off chance that I’m missing a trick here, I’d appreciate if there was any input from folks on the following situation.

I’m in the midst of buying a house, at drawdown stage.

There were various highs and lows along the way that sucked up time, leading to the letter of offer timing out (it was valid for 6 months).
I managed to get an extension on this letter of offer and this now expires on Monday.
We’ve finally managed to get a request for drawdown put in today (we were waiting on paperwork from others but I guess the ‘why’ doesn’t matter anyways, we are where we are).
I’ve asked if we can drawdown for Monday but I’m not sure that such a tight turn around will be entertained.
(No comms received back, don't want to harangue folks too much either).

I suspect I’ll be 2/3 days over the date on the letter of offer (wild guess, could be more..).
There isn’t anything to be done here other than re-apply again (and wait 3-6 weeks) is there?
(Keen to avoid this, my stamina for this affair is waning but obviously will dig deep if this is the way).
It’s with AIB.

There probably isn't an alternative here but I've learnt quite a lot from lurking on this forum and thought I'd ask anyways.
I would follow up first thing on Monday morning with a polite phone call to AIB mortgage department, stating your case and concern re the deadline.

It would also be good to have payslips and bank statements for the intervening period to hand in case they ask for it, and have your solicitor on message to act swiftly should you get the offer extended by a few days.

You may need to personally deliver any of the remaining documents to the AIB head office, and tell them this when you speak on Monday.

Have you got mortgage protection lined up yet, and got a quote for house insurance?
Hi, thanks a lot for your reply and level-headedness.

It was a good point about having all documents updated for the intervening period also (which I acquired, just in case..).
Anyways I did as you advised on Monday morning and explained the situation and luckily there was no particular concern so I made it through just in a nick of time!

(I had the mortgage protection and house insurance set up already luckily so didn’t cause any hiccups either).

Thanks again.
Hey @longtime_lurker, I'm in a similar situation now, except we're not ready to drawdown the mortgage and we haven't got an extension yet as the offer is due to expire on the 19th of February.. But you know the drill - There is always something and time flies.. Our mortgage is with AIB as well. Did you have to provide AIB with any additional documentation to get an extension? How long was your extension for?

Thanks a mill and I'm glad things worked out for you! :)
Hey @TomassoLad, sorry haven't been here in a while! So, the information probably isn't useful to you anymore but just in case some else wonders in the future, I'll answer below.

The extension I got from AIB at the time was for a month and I think that was the max. They only will extend once as well.
Also, I did have to provide an update on my payslips and bank account details to get that extension.

Hope it all worked for you man.