Mortgage Application post Bankruptcy


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Hi, I know similar questions have been asked before around this topic. My now husband was discharged from Bankruptcy in Feb 2018. Prior to entering Bankruptcy the house he owned with an ex partner was repossessed and was subsequently sold in 2017as per property register. He had been unemployed but has been able to turn all that around and has been with his now employer for the last 3 yrs and worked hard to get where we are. We had hoped to be able to start talking to the financial institutions with regards to getting a small mortgage and sell the house I have. Everyone we have spoken to as soon as they hear the word been through the Bankruptcy process do not want to talk to us. We have been told by some high street banks they would never lend to someone who has been through the process and one bank who I had a small glimer of hope for from some posts I read here mortgage advisor couldn't get me off the phone quick enough. We've spoken to a lot of people and were advised to get our credit reports which we did, mine is fine, showing my mortgage and car loan never missed a payment, no other borrowings or debts. My husbands is blank both the CCR & ICB say they have nothing on him. I just wonder has anyone else who has been through the process come across this and if this may be having an impact on the banks attitudes as the open minds for even looking at our application as we have repayment capacity is nowhere to be seen.
Any ideas or thoughts are welcome as I think we are now out of options.
Thanks so much.


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Hi RiverRock, I haven't applied for a mortgage yet (exited Bankruptcy in 2016) but will be doing so in the next 2 years. I presume it is down to risk? do you have significant savings for deposit?