1. Westbound

    Westbound Guest

    Has anyone been to Morocco?

    Is it a safe place to go?

    Is there much to do?
  2. mise

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    Was there a few years ago on a package with Sunway, went to Agadir, resort type place, beautiful beach but for women can be difficult to swim in the sea or cavort with bikinis etc, went in May so wasn't that crowded, would be better later probably. Agadir is not a pretty town but we used it as a base and did trips to the mountains - fanastic scenery - and Marakesh. If going again might spend more time in Marakesh, it's fascinating and gives a great idea of Morocco wheras Agadir is very much aimed at the tourist (unless you get lost in the old town at 2 a.m. - scary)
    Depends on what you're looking for, it is a different culture and everywhere you go people try to sell you things from carpets to souvenirs.
    If you stay in the well-known areas I guess it's not dangerous, but for a woman on her own or a female-only group it can be a little bit intimidating as you will get harrassed a bit by the men.
    One thing I found very annoying was the harrassment from the sellers of all sorts of goods and the fact that everyone was looking for money. You couldn't stop to look at anything in a shop without the owner coming for you. Also people will stand in with you in a photo but then demand money - even little kiddies do this. I guess tourists are seen as rich pickings. Haggling is expected when buying most things.
    All in all I would go again.
  3. heinbloed

    heinbloed Guest

    Safe ?!
    It depends on luck if you are save in Morocco . The U.S.
    authorities bring kidnapped people to Morocco because of it's " effective interrogation methods " , bluntly TORTURE ! A few anonymous phone calls and your holliday could be a long one in Cuba . If you get there at all , some " guests " of official Morocco die between two police stations . Last month it was in the media .
    Morocco - together with others i.e. Columbia - is frequently declared as a country where the " majority of business is of criminal background and therefore an unsafe place to invest " . That's what the World Trade Organisation publishes in their reports .