Misleading advertising by Amazon


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I had to find this in very small writing
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Then it added postage and packing anyway

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And then I had to study it again to find

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Then it recalculated it without the delivery.

This is unnecessarily complex

So it's misleading.

I only know all that, because you told me. Most people would just get suckered into joining Prime and being hit with a monthly charge they did not intend to apply for.

Hi Brendan

To be fair to Amazon - there is an option there for Free Delivery without Prime - which would get you the item by the 13th of December


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Have to say I find the library a great place for all my book, DVD's and CD's and best of all it's free
I'm not saying I don't buy the above items but for the last 10 years the library has allowed me to cut these purchases by at least 90%
If they don't have what I'm looking for they will 9 out of 10 times either source it for me through the Irish or English library system
and I believe that if they can't source an item for you they have the option to buy it and put it into the system
Pre Covid I was able to go to the library outside normal hours with "My open Library" which was a nice bonus


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No, there's an option there on the left in blue text to decline 1 day delivery. It's almost hidden, but it's there.

It is so easy to sign up to Prime by accident.
Not nearly as easy to unsubscribe!
That happened to me so I don't use Amazon now


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I've come across these "Prime only" items from time to time.

It can be frustrating but it does state "Prime only" so it is not misleading advertising.