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Discussion in 'Public sector pensions' started by margok, Mar 25, 2016.

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    I was placed as a class D officer in April 1995 and on retirement in December 2015 it turns out I should have been a Class A officer. It has been referred to Scope and I should be a Class A so the HSE have payed the correct PRSI to social welfare and as I have retired the HSE have held some of my Lump Sum I feel this is incorrect. Has this issue occurred to anyone else and what was the outcome.
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    What date did you join? If the HSE paid the correct PRSI contributions on your behalf and did not deduct them from your salary - then you may owe them the money.
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    I've also had some dealings with Scope regarding my PRSI classification. A class D employee pays less PRSI than a Class A employee - but on the flip side, a class D employee pays more Superannuation.
    Have a close look at your payslips.
    Did your payslips say Class A or D? If you were underpaying PRSI, you were probably also overpaying Superannuation.
    If you are a Class A employee, are you eligible for the contributory pension?
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    If the error is on the employer's side it should be their responsibility to sort out.

    If there is any net underpayment, I'd be of the view that this is their responsibility to pay over- without any recourse to you. If they don't, you can bring via a few channels and it will end up be the pragmatic option for them to pay whatever is necessary to correct the mistake.

    You are quite correct that this is a timely reminder for them to double check all potential current employees that could be similarly affected into the future...
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    Also you would have had benefits over the years that you are paying for now but would not have claimed for. The class a stamp gives additional dental benefits for example.