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    A friend bought a hyundi coupe 01 last week from a well know garage in dublin it had two owners and 20K on the clock seemed a very good buy. But she noticed that after travelling home one evening from work her mileage counter had only registered her journey as 1.5miles when in fact its 25miles home. she kept an eye on it for a day or two and she had the same problem.the garage have the car back and are fixing the problem told told her that it never was a problem before. After talking to friends she now has no confidence in the garage or car as they have no way of assuring her that the last owner was driving around alot and that the mileage is correct. what are her rights.
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    Very.. very bad sign the car could have been clocked to display inaccurate mileage a 5 year old car with two owners with only 20k on the clock sounds too good to be true and if it's too good to be true then it probably is. Was this car bought from a small garage dealing only in second hand cars? I would get your friend to consult a solicitor get the solicitor to go to the garage with your friend and let the legal eagle do all the talking at the end of the day maybe without them knowing it this car sounds clocked to me and if your friend is not happy about it then a full refund should be given.
    My brother bought a second hand car from a dealership in Limerick, after 6 months during a service the mechanic spotted that it was a badly crashed car and advised that he return it to the garage as it was an unsafe car.
    He spoke to the garage who promptly denied any other words it's not our problem kinda attitude. So the family solicitor decided a trip to the dealership was warranted and he quoted the law to them and advised that if the case went to court he would be seeking additional costs ect..and that no judge would be sympathetic to a dealer that sold a crashed unsafe car to a young man buying his first car.
    Amazingly the dealer relented and offered to take back the car and offered a refund. Go and talk to them alone first and see what they offer if they play hardball then so must you.

    Good Luck ;)
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    Good advice there, sadly there's plenty of cowboys in the trade who only understand talking tough (and being prepared to take it further).

    Long story but a mate had a similar problem years ago with a supposedly reputable dealership. Previously crashed and clearly clocked car but he didn't realise till well after the sale.

    Having been told to get lost in no uncertain terms he fashioned a large sign to hang around his shoulders "I got ripped off off by xxx. Ask me how" and proceed to stroll up and down the public path in front of the dealership chatting with whoever stopped him.

    After 5 minutes they threatened to call the Gardai which he welcomed. Naturally they didn't. Another 25 minutes later they offered him a full refund.