Mid 30s - Book Singles Group Holiday in Europe ?

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    Hi Guys

    I am in mid 30s, I am looking for advice on booking a holiday late in the Summer (end of August or start of September) ....I am thinking of going on Singles Group Holiday in Europe for Mid 30s, has anybody ever done one of these holidays ?

    If so what group or tour company did you book with ?

    Lastly I like visiting cities, am not too keen on sun holidays or walking in the countryside.

    Any responses appreciated
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    I think most of the 'Singles' holidays I've seen advertised are either sun or activity based.

    I've done city sightseeing with places like Travel Department, Insight and the demographic is a bit older... lots of retirees and you're hit with a heavy single supplement usually.
    I did a PAB trip to Normandy "Battlefields of Europe" and that had a good mix of people... that was mostly sights from WWI and WWII rather than cities though.
    Accomodation was basic but single supplement wasn't much if you don't mind travelling by ferry.

    Keep an eye on GTI tours (http://www.gti-ireland.com) and The Travel Department.
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    I have used the single traveller section of Travelsphere (UK company) called https://www.justyou.co.uk/

    Not cheap, especially with sterling and the additional cost of getting to the UK from Ireland to start the tour, but some interesting holidays. I've also booked single traveller holidays with ArchersDirect - with the extra supplement. Depending on destination, Archers allow you to book "land-only" portions of a tour, which allows you to arrange flights directly from Ireland.
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    Guys thanks for your replies, anybody else got any other suggestions ?
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