Management Company never transfered title and is now dissolved


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Thanks Learner for the reply.
In my case it is that the OMC was struck off a long time ago.
The MUD has four units and all the other owners are agreeable with reinstating the OMC and funding this.
There is no developer in the mix. I am in contact with all the owners.
I did some research and believe it is fairly straightforward if a specialist company is hired to do the job.
The legal fees and CRO penaltys are set so submitting the B1's for the missing years is the biggest cost.
The company I contacted said it would take between three and six months to complete.
Hopefully this is accurate.
Ah good, that sounds like a clear path to resolving that situation. When the OMC is reinstated, and financial statements are up to date, the value of the apartments should rise. Best of luck!