LPT Transfer of property


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Hi all, hope you can help me with a query.

Wanted to buy an investment property. Purchase price of house €169,000. I had a deposit of €65,000 which was my money from savings and also expected an inheritance which was in probate of over 100k. Unfortuntely the probate went on for a couple of years. We decided to bridge the gap and get a Buy to let mortgage jointly but because I did not own any property in Ireland they would not let me be co borrower. Discussed it with a solicitor and he advised, I lend the deposit 65k to my partner, my partner buy the house with a mortgage and hold it in trust for me, then when my funds were released from probate to pay off the mortgage.

We did all this and probate was finally resolved. I paid off the mortgage and the house was transferred completely into my name. My problem now is that I’m trying to pay the LPT and according to Revenue, I do not own a property. When I look at the transfer options in ROS there are only 4 options. Sale, Gift, Inheritance, Local Authority. There is no option for transfer of a Trust.

I’ve written to Revenue but have not received a reply. Any advice would be great!
Your solicitor should have advised you on this?
No, I did ask her about this but she said Revenue would not deal with them due to GPDR and I would have to contact them directly. I did think they would have sorted it out though.