Location of supermarkets in Derry/Londonderry?

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    I know where the Sainsburys is in Derry, as well as the two Tescos.

    Is there a Lidl in Derry, and if so, where is it?
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    Buncrana Road
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    Sainsburys in on the Strand Road. Its one of the main roads you'll meet coming from Donegal (Muff/Carndonagh direction) into Derry city centre. On left, can't miss it.

    There are 2 Tesco's. Biggest and main one is at Altnagelvin, opposite the hospital in the Waterside (you will have to cross the Foyle Bridge if coming from Donegal). Its a big and busy store. Plenty of free car parking spaces.

    2nd Tesco's is in the city side at Quayside. Its is close to the city centre, again on the Strand Road. Its has a pay multi-storey car park, although its very reasonable. Not as big as the main Tesco store but still a decent size and also great range of alcohol.

    There is a 3rd Tesco's but its only a small Express store so we'll forget about that.

    There is a Lidl as someone else said. This is on the Buncrana Road on the right as you enter from the Bridgend/Buncrana direction. Not a massive store but has most of the Lidl range.

    There's also a M&S Store in Foyleside Shopping Centre, and a Dunnes Stores too. Also a Dunnes Stores food supermarket at Springtown.

    Edit: Where are you coming from? Might help with directions.

    Edit again: Oh by the way, its Derry !!!
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    Don't you mean, "It's Derry, hi" ? :)
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    Quote 'Protocol' : Location of supermarkets in Derry/Londonderry?

    Jeez ..talk about living up to your name! :rolleyes: