Living in Northern Ireland, buying a new car but will be moving to ROI within the next year - what import/tax am I subject to?


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Hi all,

I'm currently a student living in Belfast, since 2017. I'm graduating soon but have a one-year paid placement in Newry (NI) starting in July. Long story short my trusted mechanic suggested I sell on my current Renault Clio (not worth paying the repairs when I'll have to pay over 2k in nox charges alone come time of importing).

I'm looking at buying a Toyota Yaris petrol/hybrid hopefully by end of next month.

If I buy a used car in Northern Ireland next week what are the charges/ import duty I have to think of when I come to import to ROI? Pre and post 6 months of ownership? I'm just not sure when my current lease is up in Belfast (October) if I will stay in NI or move and commute from ROI.(decision will probably depend on car import!)

I've looked on Revenue but feel for a Northern Irish resident its a bit different and it kept bringing me back to cars imported from GB to ROI without residence in NI etc The car will have been registered in NI before December 2020. Probably looking at a 3-4-year-old car with more than 6000 miles.

Thanks in advance