Living in Ireland and abroad options?


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I have recently sold my house,now renting
Debt-free and contributing to UK and Ireland state pensions, which I need to maintain
I'm considering buying a cheap house here and living cheaply somewhere warmer abroad each winter
I'm middle aged
I can manage my job from April to October in Ireland

I would retrain to work abroad just to pay the bills - should I do a tour guiding course, barbering or something else?

Where is good to live for the winter?

Would welcome opinions

(please move if not the appropriate forum)
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1. Have a look at the Holiday Abroad thread where living in Spain for two months of the year off season is being discussed.

2. During my travels in Ireland this summer I learnt that most of the country still has not come out of the "recent" recession. Some towns have every third shop on its Main Street boarded up (yes! boarded up not just closed). I enquired and found out that you can buy a former local authority house in these towns for under €30K. Put some elbow grease and paint into the house + some repairs and you have a new house on the cheap.

3. When (or if) rural Ireland comes out of the recession you are sitting on another nest egg.