Legal advice on how to collect an unpaid invoice

Discussion in 'Other financial issues' started by CarlosPinzon, 8 Mar 2019.

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    Hey guys, I'm having a situation, I work as a photographer and I was hired to take some pics of a wedding, everything went perfect, just the final and most importan step: the payment. It's been 3 months since that and I still dont get an answer (or my payment). it's not a big amount so I can's take this to the court. I'll be loosing more money ... Is there any advice of what I can do with these people?
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    I thought it was the norm to have to pay in advance of the wedding day for photographers. Have you sent them on the pictures yet? I had to sign a contract with my photographer, do you have a contract with the terms of engagement? Have you looked into small claims court?

    In the past I have been somewhat successful chasing money by writing to the debtor stating that as the invoice is still outstanding I have no other available options and would be referring the debt to a 3rd party. This is always a hail mary bluff on my part but has yielded some surprisingly good results.

    Good luck with it and consider changing the way you are paid for future jobs.
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    small claims court?
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    Not an option for a business with a case against a client/ customer.
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