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Discussion in 'Askaboutlaw' started by IrelandEngineer, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. IrelandEngineer

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    I am an Engineer and I work in Construction Management, Quality Control, Procedure Writing.

    I have a one person company and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any Law Firms that cater for small company's. I have some specific related to indemnity/liability and also company structures. But I looking for someone I could contact from time to time with general queries

    The questions I have would be straight forward so I am looking for a 'bread and butter' firm that is not charging extortionate rates.

    I read that FLAC provide legal advice, is this a good place to start for someone with limited legal knowledge.

  2. Brendan Burgess

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    It might be worth joining the Small Firms Association or ISME as they are good on general queries and can put you in touch with people if the issue is very specific.

    Alternatively, you could ask for a recommendation from a colleague in the same sector.

  3. T McGibney

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    FLAC is a charitable service for the poor, staffed by volunteer solicitors. They are highly unlikely to offer ongoing advice to a going concern business.
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    Most solicitors offices will pick up the phone to existing clients with a small query and not charge. That is part of the overall service and on an unspoken, when you do have a fee paying transaction, you will come to me, type basis. But you have to be an existing client.

    You need to build up a relationship with a solicitors firm that you think are good, that you trust, that have your back, that are up to date and give really good advice.
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