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    Hi all,

    I am letting out a house via RAS for the last 11 years with the same tenant throughout this time. My current 4-year contract with RAS is due to expire in September this year. I wish to end the contract with RAS in September and look for new tenants also.

    My understanding is that a tenant must be given notice to quit 224 days (7.5 months) in advance, due to the length of time they have spent there. However if the RAS contract has expired in 5-6 months, is the tenant liable for the full monthly rent for approx 2 months beyond the RAS contract expiration?

    If the tenant refuses to pay the full rent amount, can I ask them to leave on the basis of unpaid rent at that time without the 'notice to quit'? I am concerned that my reason for terminating tenancy does not fall neatly into one of the stated 6 "valid" reasons listed for termination of tenancy right now, while the RAS is still paying the rent

    If the tenant insists on staying on beyond the end of the RAS contract, they will have to pay the full rent themselves?

    Thanks for any help and sorry if these are silly questions!
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    If they are a RAS tenant, I would imagine they will be completely unable to pay the "full rent amount"...which will be what? How much of an increase will you be looking for?
    You can ask them to leave but if they don't, and they do not have to until the notice period expires, you will not win a case against them for the new rent amount.
    They have the right to stay until the end of the notice period, and you cannot force them to pay a new increased rent for the remainder of the notice period, and there is no way at all you will win such a case. Why make life difficult for yourself and them? You should have given them notice earlier so it coincided with the end of the RAS contract, that you did not is your mistake, not theirs. Safe yourself the trouble and Keep it at the RAS amount until the end of the notice period.
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    Tenants are entitled to get the required notice and I agree with Magpie that it is unlikely they will be able to pay the difference. As a matter of interest why are you leaving the RAS scheme as you seem to have been happy with the tenants for 11 years. Could you negotiate with RAS to extend your contract for an additional three months to facilitate the tenants finding somewhere else.