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    I wish to increase my knowledge on investments and pensions. I enquired about the ‘Retirement Benefits’ and ‘Savings and investments’ modules offered by the National College of Ireland but I was informed that unless I was enrolling for the certificate or diploma courses, I won’t be allowed to enroll for individual modules. I have no intention of becoming a financial adviser but I wish to become very knowledgeable in these areas. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I found Smarter Investing by Tim Hale a good book in Investing. Nothing too complicated and it covers the bases.

    The Millionaire Next Door is Thomas J Stanley is a great book on growing wealth

    Where to start on pensions? The insurance company websites have information. As does the Revenue pension manual

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    Would doing the QFA help you? Its discussed elsewhere. From what I can gather, Its reasonably cheap, flexible (you study in your own time - but there are exams) and covers a broad range of topics (investment, pensions etc).