Leaking roof may prevent sale

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    Our apt has gone sale agreed but the purchaser is asking the mgt co. directly about leaking roof in another block which residents are in litigation against the developer. No problems with our block. The puchaser is now thinking of pulling out. I have tried to reassure him via our solicitor and selling agent that we have had no problems with water ingress since 2006 which is fact. We have been "sale agreed" since early june and now may need to start again. He cant make a decision until his solicitor comes back from hols on 20th august.
    Any ideas appreciated.
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    Purchaser can pull out at any time if they haven't signed a contract.

    He is being prudent by waiting for his solicitor to return from holidays.

    Ideas? Keep the apartment on the market as he may pull out. Personally, I'd be taking the sale agreed sign down until there is an agreement and I'd be actively promoting its sale again.
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    Your apartment is still on the market as, until contracts are signed, nothing is agreed. EAs use the signs purely to show the world how effective and efficient they are at sticking up meaningless signs.
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    Purchaser is correct. I would though have thought his engineer should have stated if there was a water issue. It might be worth asking the purchaser for a copy of that report.
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    Looked at from the purchasers point of view.

    There is another block, same developer, same roof construction presumably which is leaking. Suggests that there may be an issue in the future with the roof in this block.

    The issue in the other block rather than being resolved is "in litigation".

    Sorry OP but would you buy into this.