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Alternative suggestionsplease for Laya simplicity. I’m 5 yers on simplicity and very pleased
but I find renewal this year vey expensive
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Sorry I can't give you a recommendation as I am only familiar with VHI policies.

Looking at the cover on Simplicity it looks as if you would find it hard to match if it is their policy that covers 100% for orthopaedic and ophthalmic. The policies that usually provide that type of cover are extremely expensive. Private room cover in Beacon is excellent also.

There have been 3 price increases with Laya and VHI over the past year.

You could try looking at the Health Insurance Authority site to see if there is anything cheaper or give VHI or Irish Life a call also. might be worth a visit also.
We switched to Laya Control Create 300, similar cover with a few outpatient tweaks and excesses. Still private room though and 100% orthopaedic and opthalmic cover.
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I agree with Sue Ellen, the cover for Simplicity represents good value.

A good idea is to use the comparison website for about three plans across providers and then print the summary on paper. Its easier to then highlight the components of cover that are important to you and see whether its worth it. Its easier to compare on paper than on screen.