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Hi All
My Laya policy is due for renewal on the 1st May. Prices are going up on the 1st April. Can I ring up and cancel my policy tomorrow and take out a new policy before they go up or will Laya refuse. Any advice on wording would be appreciated. I also paid for the full year when I paid last year so it maybe a moot point and I’ll just have to see it through. Are Laya anyway flexible. Thanks for the help and advice.
I'm sure Laya won't refuse but they might point out that you have an annual contract which you've paid for, so you'd lose just over one twelfth of your policy cost by renewing your contract early. It would have to be at latest on 31 March to beat the price increase.

Do your sums but, as you suspect, it's probably not a runner. Maybe a different policy might fit the bill for you?
Just got my renewal notice in from Laya and WOW!!
Last year our policy "control 300 create" was €1444.92 this year €1744.43 that's a smidge under a 21% increase
I knew and know this is an ever increasing cost but was expecting (naively) around a 10% per year
Time to start trawling though all the different polices again, oh what joy!!
With laya myself currently on a mixture of the following plans

Aspire (younger kids adults) and Simply Connect plans (for my parents over 60).

The plans are the same just operations for older people are cover to only 80% on aspire plans.

If you want more day to day cover currently up 500 euro back per member upgrade to plan to plus versions for up to 1000 euro back.
From listening to his interviews over the years, Dermot Goode used to always say budget for a 5-10% increase every year, but even he admitted that advice may no longer be valid.
The problem is price gouging by private hospitals and the health insurance companies are doing nothing about it.

This is an example: I had an appointment in the Beacon a couple of months ago. During this appointment I had a small procedure which took about 5 minutes . When I received the statement the hospital had charged €557 “Hospital fee” total bill €721.

I was not admitted to the hospital I just saw the consultant in his rooms, yet the hospital charged this fee. I contacted the insurance company & there reply was that was the arrangement they had with the hospital.

Also if I had no insurance & paid direct the procedure would have only cost €495.
That my friends is why our insurance is increasing every year.