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Hi everyone
My husband and I are on Laya Precision 150 Connect. On April 1st we are upgrading to Signify Plus. I have just received an appointment for April 30th for a procedure. Does anyone know if I will have problems with them claiming it is a pre existing condition as I am changing plans. Any advice gratefully received.

Welcome to AAM.

Your best bet is to check with Laya before proceeding with the procedure in case you are not covered. They are the only people who can tell you for definite if you are/are not covered. All the health insurers recommend that you contact them to ensure that cover is in place before the procedure takes place.

Laya would appear to apply the Upgrade Rule as follows - see here

If you have a lower level of cover and are gaining benefits when you make the switch, you may have an upgrade rule. For any benefits you are gaining, for the first two years we would match your previous level of cover. The upgrade rule would only affect existing conditions and would apply if you increased your cover.
You can check on their website if the procedure is covered. Just enter the code if you have it and put in your current plan for after the procedure date. If the current one has it covered then check the other one as well. Chances are the procedure is covered by both.
The issue here is not just the question of the procedure being covered but if the Upgrade Rule will kick in also.
Agreed but if both plans cover the procedure it makes no difference as there is no upgrade as such. At least this should eliminate that.