Kildare or Galway


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Hey there

Currently renting in Kildare and hoping to buy a house with my OH and 2 kids (5 and 1) in the next 6months - 1 year. OH is originally from Galway so we are thinking of buying there, although I'm apprehensive to move family and buy first home there having never lived there.

Our choices are probably between Galway city/suburbs/Oranmore in the west or Kilcock/Maynooth in the East.

Does anyone have any advice on either? Schools/activities/ways of life/etc. Finding it hard to decide so any advice is appreciated!



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We live in Corofin, galway ( west side of galway 10mins from Oranmore ). I'm from uk originally and I must say I absolutely love the life i have in galway and could never imagine myself leaving. It's close enough to galway city but far enough to be surrounded by the countryside. Roads are now great for heading off to dublin or limerick . The lockdown cemented my love for this place even more as we were still able to wander across the fields to go fishing with the kids , go walking etc. Would highly recommend it


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So long as you can find a job that pays you what you need. Thats the key factor in most cases.
I would love to live out west but there are few jobs for me around there, so need to be near Dublin.
However, Covid proving in a lot of cases that your location does not really matter.. here's hoping employers embrace this.


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Oranmore is a busy village, with many young families.

It is like a former village, that now has the population of a small town.

House prices are high.

There are five schools in the parish, 4 primary and 1 post-primary.

It seems the schools are all busy.


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Why don't you rent there for 6 months first, don't buy if you feeling apprehensive about such a move.