Keytrade bank SMS codes - have you ever received one?

Discussion in 'Deposits' started by UFC, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. UFC

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    Hi all

    I would really appreciate an answer from anyone who has used Keytrade's SMS code service (in other words, when you want to log in without using the digital code device you can get a SMS code sent to you instead.)

    I have lost my access device and cannot get a new one because I no longer live at the old address but instead live in China.

    I have tried to get a SMS code sent to my mobile but it does not work even though Keytrade say they have the correct mobile number for me.

    This means I cannot access my funds which is a bit of a problem for me! I really don't want to have to fly to Belgium or back to Ireland and wait a few weeks for a new access device to be sent to me.

    Have any of you ever received the SMS codes to your Irish phones? If no one has done this, would it be possible for you to try to get a code sent to you? I just want to rule out if the problem is routing the SMS message to my Irish phone while in China, or if it is just a problem sending them to Irish phones in general.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    How do you request the sms? I'm with their Luxembourg branch but can't find any option to have a code sent via text.