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    Topical issues

    Advice for people facing court repossession proceedings

    What to do if you get a letter saying your mortgage is unsustainable

    There is no legal defence of reckless lending

    Apartment too small for my family - what are our options?

    How we got a negative equity trade up from EBS ajk24 Nov 2013

    Can I force the bank to allow me to sell my home in negative equity?

    "I can't afford my mortgage protection policy anymore, can I cancel it?"

    Bank is allowing me to sell but wants to convert the shortfall into an unsecured loan

    How to analyse an offer of a split mortgage

    Key posts on insolvency and bankruptcy

    Does my debt just disappear after 6 years?

    Using the ISI's Expenses Guidelines in discussions with your mortgage lender

    Summary table of Reasonable Living Expense from the Insolvency Service
    Married couples, unmarried couples, their property and debt problems

    Personal Insolvecny Arrangements

    Insolvency Service Case Study shows a PIA lasting only 4 months

    Voting rights on a PIA

    How the clawback in a PIA works

    Mortgage Arrears

    How to calculate Mortgage Interest Supplement by gipimann
    Court procedure for debt cases by Time
    "Capitalizing arrears"explained October 2012
    The Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears
    The impact of different mortgage restructuring options Brendan Burgess August 2011

    If you can't meet your mortgage repayments... from the Irish Banking Federation from the Citizens Information Bureau and MABS

    I want to sell my house in negative equity

    Splitting up with a joint mortgage and negative equity

    Should I keep or sell my investment property in negative equity?

    The Statute of Limitations on debts and judgments


    A good spreadsheet for budgeting

    How to cut your day to day expenditure

    How best to deal with MBNA if you can't meet the repayments

    You can insist that the Credit Union sets your shares against your outstanding loan

    What to do if you are struggling with an HP agreement

    Useful links


    Money Matters - Ulster Bank's guide to managing debt - a very good guide for anyone facing problems with their mortgage.

    The Economiser - a new spending calculator from the National Consumer


    Car finance and repossession
    Credit card debt
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    An interesting post on the (UK) MoneySavingExpert website about how much money some people unwittingly pour down the drain each year in defunct but uncancelled DDs, insurance premiums, etc. and other overlooked 'money pits'. Most of it is equally valid in an Irish context.