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    Voluntary Strike off - How to wind up a company which no longer trades

    Affordable Restructuring - coming to an arrangement with your creditors

    Great website for self-employed:

    Starting a business

    Sole trader or company - tax considerations

    Sole Trader or company - other considerations

    Setting up a small business accounting

    Bookkeeping software packages

    New Business: Bookkeeping

    What books to keep for a new business

    Revenue Guide to starting a business

    Tommy McGibney’s Guide to Starting a Business includes sections on “Self Employed or Company?” and “Registering for Tax” from Brian O'Kane the guru of entrepreneurship in Ireland.

    Allen Morrissey New Business Kit

    Basis provides information on state requirements

    Companies Registration Office for information on business names and setting up a company.

    Director giving a loan to a company

    Buying shares in a private limited company

    Credit Card merchants - watch out for this scam provides a mentoring service

    Setting up as a sole trader

    Tutorial to explain financial statements

    Should | accept invitation to become a director?

    Bookkeeping and Payroll courses

    Filing of Accounts

    How best to minimise accounting charges for a small business

    The best business bank account?

    Shareholders' Agreements for small businesses who want experienced business people and capital

    Buy or Lease equipment?

    Lease or HP

    Taxation issues
    Tax planning: take salary or leave profits in company?

    Revenue's service for technical queries for businesses

    Can a sole trader claim mileage and subsistence

    Renting a room in my home for business

    Should I buy my business premises through the company or in my own name?

    IT Contracting and Taxation
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    I am in the process of updating the Key Posts and Links.

    If you find any links not working, please let me know by posting a reply in this thread.

    If you have any suggestions for other threads or links which I should include, let me know.

    I would love some help on this. If anyone wants to summarise a Key Thread into a Key Post, it would be a great help. For example, "Which is the Best Business Bank?". Rather than have a long thread, the pros and cons of each could be summarised. If you post this in your own name, you can edit it later to keep it updated.

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    Link in Revenue's New Service for Business Taxpayers not working
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