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    Key Post Offered 'Equity' in company, need advice

    Useful Links and Resources
    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
    Department of Enterprise and Employment (DETE A-Z of Services)
    eWork Ireland
    Health and Safety Authority
    IMI Irish Management Institute
    Leargas Q&A Forum
    Public Jobs
    The Employment Appeals Tribuanal (from DETE)
    Labour Court
    Labour Relations Commission. (The LRC)
    DETE- Employer's guide to work permits
    Oasis- Surveillance of electronic communications in the workplace
    The Equality Authority
    HRMS and Industrial Relations Page - IBEC (members only)
    The Work Life Balance Homepage
    TUF* Employee Rights

    Redundancy and Unemployment
    Finishing employment - how do I claim tax back?
    Redundancy for contractors from own company
    Redundancy Payments
    Soon to be unemployed
    Oasis - Losing your job- Redundancy in Ireland
    Oasis - Losing your job and notice from your employer

    Trade Unions, Professional Bodies and Employers' Groups
    List Trade Unions in Ireland
    Construction Industry Federation
    Health Service Employers Agency
    Small Firms Association
    Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
    The Irish Farmers Associtation

    Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employees
    TUPE from
    TUPE and the 2003 Regulations from by Kathryn Matthews
    TUPE from by Barry O'Neill
    TUPE Comhairle
    TUPE KeyPost

    Payroll Issues (other than taxation), Wages, Hours of Work etc Deductions etc
    Employer's Deductions from Pay
    Payment of Wages Act 1991
    Overpayment of Salary
    SIPTU - Guidelines on Your Rights Under the National Minimum Wage Act

    Relative Wages and Salaries

    Health and Safety at Work Issues
    Health and Safety Authority website
    Health and Safety at Work Oasis
    Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (pdf)
    Hygiene in the Workplace
    VDUs and Eye Tests

    Returning to or coming to Work in Ireland
    Dept of Foreign Affairs - Visas and Working in Ireland
    DETE - Guidelines & Procedures for the Work Permits Section

    Leave Entitlements
    Compassionate Leave 1
    Compassionate Leave 2
    Educational Leave - Is there an entitlement to EL ?
    Force Majeure
    Parental Leave
    Carer's Leave - Oasis
    Sick Leave in Civil Service
    Sick Pay Schemes and Social Welfare -
    Sick Leave -
    Oasis- The Maternity Protection (Amendment) Act 2004
    IBEC- Special and Other Leave Types (members only)
    Oasis - Annual Leave and Public Holidays
    "Health and Safety" Leave (Maternity Situation)

    Equality in Workplace
    The Equality Authority
    Dept of Justice Equality Section
    SIPTU Employment Equality Act 1988
    Comhairle Equality at Work

    Grievances - When things go wrong

    Oasis link bullying
    Oasis link working hours

    Career Development
    Careers Office NUI Galway


    CVs, References, Interviews and Job Hunting
    Key Post: Competency Based Interviews
    Agency Worker Issues

    Educational Courses

    Employee References copied from Absolute Beginners:
    Minimum Notice Guide
    Unfair Dismissals Act- Guide (required pdf reader)

    Contracts of Employment, Terms and Conditions of Employment - Sales Employment Contracts

    Retirement Issues (excluding PRSA's and Pensions)
    Retiring from work in Ireland - from Oasis
    Retirement Planning Council of Ireland Ltd. (RPC)
    Retiring from work in Ireland - from Oasis

    Social Welfare and other Benefits
    Social Wefare in Ireland (from
    Department of Family and Social Affairs

    DETE Employment Rights Section
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    Re: Useful Key Posts and Index of Links

    Back to Education schemes from Social Welfare, currently available immediately if you have got redundancy.
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