Key Post - Predicting the date of Irish Nationwide demutualisation


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It is on hold with no demut happeneing for the forseeable future. The boat has sailed on this one, they blew it with their procrastination and any eventual windfall will be a fraction of what was once hoped for.


Ha ha..Who are they fooling..How can people be so stupid to believe that a bank will give out millions in pay outs to its customers.Its wishful thinking and does no credit to the bank to allow the rumour to continue.
Dreadful buisness.


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Predicting the date of Irish Nationwide demutualisation

I got check cleared to change mortgage from INBS this week. I was waiting over 10 years for this wind fall & paid over the odd's in interest when I should have changed long time ago. I have to say other then INBS giving more money then anyone else the have been really bad to deal with & as my sister used to work there. I know all round they are not good to staff or customers. I am glad to see the back of them & hope my memory of them fads fast. If you’re paying a mortgage to this crowd get out now. They are ripping you off.

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