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Can anyone tell me if a power washer would take green mold off indian sandstone slabs on my patio. Only had this work done in the summer and indian sandstone was highly recommended. Can't believe there is green moss/mold coming up already. Would a power washer be the answer and if so could anyone recommend one. Have seen them priced from about 100 euro up to 800 euro. B&Q have them but I wonder would it be a worth while going North to buy one. Any info would be appreciated.


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I purchased one off of Argos just before Christmas and it did a good job of cleaning green mold off my paths. It was a Karcher K4.99M and it was about 200 euro. It seemed the most powerful one I could get. Any cheaper and it probably be too weak to clean stone properly. Green mold will grow on any stone if it is in a sheltered place.


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Don't just power wash - use some cleaning solution to keep the mould down too

I've used Jeyes Patio cleaner in the past .. works fine. I think if you clean using this and then power wash after it should keep the mould down for longer than just power washing.

As stated in our climate during the winter .. green mould is unavoidable - doesn't seem to be an issue much during the summer - so after a good clean in spring it should be grand all summer long


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Power washers

I'm think of buying one suitable to wash the cars with and also to clear gunge, etc. off the driveway.
I'm not too bothered by brand.

BAsed on you experience, what sort of pressure/power rating should I go for, at a minimum, i.e. something that can get the dirt off the car with removing the paintwork.

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Hi Tarf

I bought a 60euro one from Argos on a special to clean my concrete patio area. I think it's fairly safe to say that any power washer will do the kinds of jobs you are talking about, the question is how long it will take. Because my powerwasher isn't particularly powerful, I have to keep it quite close to the surface, so the span of spray is smaller than it would be if I could keep it further away, which means it takes longer to do. My patio is about 35ft x 15ft and it takes about an hour to do (probably longer the first time). I've used the same washer to do a wall of the house, prep a wall for painting and clean the car with no probs.


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Woodies have one for €40 advertised.

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I am about to buy one from Index in the north as I pass Newry regularly. It's a power devil one for 70 sterling and has a rate of 150 bar or 7 litres per minute. It is way the cheapest for one of this power, and I've used power devil stuff before and they are ok budget stuff.If unsure could get 3 year replacement cover, if available. A similar powered JCB/Karcher one would be 150 + sterling. I used my Dad's cheapo one and while it is useful the power was lacking, it was 70-80 bar. cat number 350-732 but it is out of stock at the moment, I wonder why :).


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I have a small Karcher (cant remember the model) but its small enough to carry around easily. Has enough power to shift green mold off paths, does a lovely job on the wheel arches of the car and wheels. Bought it in B&Q for 110yoyo. There are two attachments and a brush to wash the car included