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    I remember seeing on the site some time ago that there was a number of on-line brokers offering good deals on house and contents insurance.

    Who are they ?
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    Re: House + contents insurance

    crikey...your almost as lazy as me..why not have a browse through the site?...wont take long to find the info
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    Re: New on-line insurance broker

    You can also try
  6. Re: New on-line insurance broker

    "Thank you for visiting our site and I note you have received a quotation for
    your Motor Insurance.

    Should you obtain a better price elsewhere, please contact me on 1850 43 43 43
    quoting the reference number above and we will review your details and hopefully
    improve on your quotation.

    Kind Regards,"

    I went through the process of requesting a quote for car insurance through The quotes were average. Then this arrived a week later.

    Who are they trying to kid? They may just as well have said "ONLY JOKING!! Give us a ring and we will give you a better quote." It is no wonder that car insurance is such a irritant to many people.
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    Re: house insurance + contents

    got quotes from all of the sites listed above .but found I got the best quote from First Call Direct 160 pounds in fact of a differance for the same cover