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    Hiya folks,

    Am heading off to Kinsale for the June Bank Holiday and as its the self-proclaimed gourmet capital of Ireland and I'm a greedy pig I intend to sample the local eateries for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner. Any suggestions? I note from what I can find on Google, etc. that a surprisingly high proportion of Kinsale restaurants are pretty high priced (in the cheeky range). Needless to say I'll be avoiding such establishments (well, I might indulge for one meal for a treat ... ). While I like (insist on) good food it doesn't to have to be fancy and musn't be overpriced.

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    Re: Kinsale restaurant recommendations please

    I recommend Man Friday's. Escpecially now with the smoke ban it should be possible to breath the air and enjoy a fine meal.
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    Re: Kinsale restaurant recommendations please

    Have'nt really been there for dinner but here are a few lunch recommendations:
    The Bulman in Summercove, lovely place, great food and not too pricey, take a pint bottle of Bulmers across the (little) road and sit on the wall by the sea in the evening with the sun going down...very nice. Then take a walk up the hill to Charles Fort, great views.
    Would also recommend the Fishy Fishy Cafe up near the Multose Church ( 2 mins walk from the centre) they don't take reservations so you may have to queue. This is a bit pricy but servings are substantial so may tide you over for the rest of the day if you time it well.
    If you have a car head out to the speckled hen in garrettstown ( nice beach for a walk) for lunch, again a lovely spot very near Old head of Kinsale.Enjoy!
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    Kinsale restaurant recommendations please

    The man friday, Hobys ,the vintage , the white house ,
    That should keep ya goin :) fishy fishy / hurleys in ballinspittle for lunch
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    i can recomment jena marcs chow house near AIB bank. not too pricy. nice mixture of thai/chinese etc. yummy!
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    jean marcs

    that should read jean marcs - sorry!
  7. Kinsale

    Seems that food in Ireand dont come cheap / reasonable any more... but at least in Kinsale you kinda do get value... especiall iof you like fish....FishyFishy is one of the better sea food lunches you will get anywhere... if its a fine day sitting outside with a chilled bottle of.....( not much a wino, so would dare suggest what goes with fish) is hard to beat, and leaves the stress of the real world miles away.

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    As an area and place to visit Kinsale is massively over stated. I say that as someone from the general area.....
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    We were the long haired Dublin louts with manners.

    Fillet steak in Man Fridays. Beautiful. Enjoyed camping in Kinsale in my late teens back in the 70's, drank in the Spaniard, enjoyed sitting on the little wall beside the Bullman. Not a care in the world. Those were the days...
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    Man Fridays

    Agree with the recommendations for Man Fridays. Not the cheapest place but well worth every penny. A pint in the Spaniard before is in order.

    Would recommend booking Man Fridays in advance. Always a busy spot.
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    Re: Man Fridays

    Many thanks for all the suggestions. That's great lads!
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    Re: Man Fridays

    The Vintage
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    I was there recently for a few hours and noticed quite a few of the restuarants offered early bird menus...might be worth checking them to see of they offer something you'd like!
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    Take an early evening stroll up to the Spaniard to enjoy cuply creamy pints of Guinness, followed by a saunter across the road to Man Fridays.MMMmmm happy days.