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Discussion in 'Mortgages and buying and selling homes' started by MisterSound, Mar 9, 2004.

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    Re: HomeBuy/HomeSell Solicitors

    As when you go with homebuy you will be allocated a solicitor in your general area, you would have to know what solicitor you were being allocated before people can tell you if they've used them. There may be more than one solicitor doing homebuy business in an area.
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    Re: HomeBuy/HomeSell Solicitors

    ya they said they have a panel of 6 in dublin worked on rotation, 4 in cork done geographically and then one in most counties outside that. Would you use them yourself if you were buyin?
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    Re: HomeBuy/HomeSell Solicitors

    Hi I have used this service And Got to use Montgomery and Sons Solicitors just off Merrion Square and they were really excellent.I sold a house and bought a new one using them.
    Theuy also included at no extra cost our Will.
    Based on my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending the service.
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    Hope I have the right group here (?) ...

    Watch out for pricing, I've seen the local credit union offering leaflets with their home buyer rates at €999, but elsewhere seen them mentioned offering the same service for €499

    Anyone able to confirm / advise ?


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    If you go to their website, they are offering a €499 special at the moment. Their standard fee is €999.
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    I discovered this need to use Prima too and am very annoyed as one of the FAQs on their site is "what's the catch" and they say there is none. Considering that they are legal people I think it is disgraceful to mislead people like this.

    Aside - should this thread be moved to the houses section?
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    home buy home sell

    I too saw this offer of €499 and thought there must be a catch, and there is you have to go through primafinance for your loan in order to get the 499 offer
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    Re: home buy home sell

    Combining two threads here:

    Solerina wrote :
    What do people think of the 499 Euro offer on this site for legal fees-looks unbeatable-any catches? Thanks

    BiffoCal1 wrote :
    I got them to handle the sale of a house in Limerick and found them excellent.

    Vanilla wrote :
    The 'catch' is you have to get your mortgage through the mortgage broker listed on their website- so possibly theres a bit of commission splitting involved between the solicitors and the broker. That might not be a catch to every one though. I have no idea if the brokers are independant or tied agents.

    Also when you contact home buy you will be allocated a solicitor near you- so a recommendation from someone else may relate to a different firm.

    MisterSound wrote :
    I rang them this morning. They have 2 products. One is a "does exactly what it says on the tin" fixed price conveyancing for 999+VAT+Outlay (stamp duty etc.). The 499 offer is the same for them (ie they still get 999) but the balance is paid by Primafinance independent mortgage brokers if you source your mortgage through them. You can nominate exactly which mortgage you want or have them shop around for a mortgage. They get paid a commission by the bank which does not effect your mortgage, cuts taken here and there I assume but they don't affect you.
    This is basically capitalising on the fact that it is a buyers market and forcing the banks to pay for half of your conveyance.
    Vanilla is right, they have a panel of nationwide solicitors so a recommendation may not be for the solicitor may not be the one you use. Still though this is a relatively basic service and there would be efficiencies in the fact that they are ocnstantly dealing with conveyances and are focused in this area of law.
    The service on the phone was friendly and helpful. There is an odd string attached: the offer is exclusive to Credit Union members. If you are not you can join and use them then.
    Hope this helps