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The garage conversion question came up before so I`m wondering how the "converted" have fared.

We`ve got two quotes-both for 4,500 E, to convert our garage into a study. Don`t know the size of our garge exactly-prob 12 by 14 just a standard flat roofed garage on a semi d estate house. That quote includes a loo built into the room, recessed lights, rad, sockets, raised floor(but not finished with wood/carpet), plastered walls,pvc window.

Is that a good price?BTW we`re in the Navan area.

If we went for pitch roof and bay window on that garage would we have to get Planning permission? Anyone price that kind of a job either?




Re: Garage Conversion-Price?

On a separate note make sure that insulation is included in the quote if you want a room you can use...


Garage conversion

You were quoted E4,500? We've been given an estimate for E40,000 for a similar job! Converting flat roof garage to usuable room plus knocking down wall into house and opening things up a bit.


costs of renovations/conversions

Does this involve digging foundations and completely demolishing what's there?

If it's costing you 40,000 for a simple bolt-on I reckon the suggestions it would cost 40,000 to knock out separating wall between downstairs kitchen and bathroom and relocate the bathroom upstairs would be far, far below the mark!

Brain-surgeons don't get this kind of money!


Garage conversion

our conversion doesn`t involve knocking walls or digging foundations. But I made a mistake in including the loo in the price-it`ll be 7,000 with that added into the existing garage. And yes, the ceiling will be well insulated

Do we have to have special planning permission if we`re having a loo installed what with the new wheelchair access regulations?

From what I`ve researched so far it seems we would have to get PP for bay window. Not sure about pitch roof needing PP yet. The addition of a pitch roof would bring our price up to 10,000.

Thanks for comments and insights folks!



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I got a quote for 1200euro to convert garage.....this is just to put in window and plaster around it. Garage allready has other 3 walls plastered+skirting and insulation in attic from when build. also has pipes for rad which im sure i can hand myself. i thought this price was very good considering first quote i got was 2000euro.....amazing the differernce when ya shop around...


4500 is even too much

Guys you really need to get a list of materials needed and equipment hire from several difference builders and then price these materials YOURSELF to make sure they are right.
Then get an estimate on man hours form each builder.
You will then be able to figure out how much perday per man you are being charged for.
I would say €200 per day per man is on the high side.
So dont accept anything lower.

Basically you need to get lots of quotes to stop yourself getting conned.


4,500 is too much

wowow, I can see where you`re coming from but if you`re a complete ignoramus as we are, about building, how are we supposed to figure out what materials are needed. We wouldn`t know the difference between plaster and cement-assuming that is, that there is a difference!
Anyway, we`re heeding your warning re 4,500 being too much and are shopping around.
On the face if it there seems to be very little to our job-just slabbing & insulating ceiling, plastering walls, raising the floor, bricking up to new window. The addition of a wc.& whb means digging out for a pipe from around the back of the house through to the side, which apparently is the big deal.

Ever wish you`d learnt more DIY and less algebra in school?




Be particularly careful if you think you may ever be selling the house. I undestand there's a minimum height for living accommodation (8 feet?) that's higher than (certainly the older) garages. In these circumstances, it's not suffficient just to plaster the walls, etc. and give an acceptable looking appearance.

While it might satisfy your immediate needs, you might only be giving yourself a headache further down the road.


Great price!

Once again, I was quoted around 40,000 to convert existing garage - no foundations, demolition or new roofing involved. Plus addition of downstairs loo, knocking and supporting two internal walls. This seems like a crazy difference doesn't it!! Will be interesting to see what my other quotes come in as!


dont know if this is too late but yes you would need pp for the roof. the quote you got seems ok. as always go and look at previous works done by the builder you decide on! why not "post a job" on my website for a builder for your area anything else you need contact me


I'm currently converting internal garage and it's working out like this.
Building up front with bricks/blocks. Installing window. Insulating front. Floor was already at same height as the rest of the house. Already had internal doors , electrical points + radiator pipe in the room.

Labour 500 euro
Window with 3 openings double glazed UPVC fitted 800 euro
6 bags of cement 24 euro
Brown dye for cement 20 euro
windo cill 6ft 6in 20 euro
concrete lintel 9ft 12 euro
box of ties 12 euro
sand 20 euro delivered
blocks- bought 44 for 50 cent each
bricks (to match house) bought 235 for 75 cent each
cement mixer hire 50 euro per day
Insulation 80 euro
Total cost excluding internal skimming cam to 1756 euro