KBC KBC - redress amounts confirmed?


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Congrats on being included
Padraic kissane mite be able to help advise you on compensation amount

Did Kbc ever write to you to inform you that you were is scope of the central bank review ?

Thanks, yes I've made an appointment with him for advice.

No, KBC told me in Jan that my mortgage was NOT affected, then the letter & cheque came in the post less than 8 weeks later, with nothing before or after. I thought it was a standard letter so I didn't even open it for three weeks when I was going through the bills. I could easily have left it sitting there & ever discovered the contents!! Pheeew


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Has anyone been successful in appealing the compensation they received? We got 7k comp last year (plus redress) and are in the middle of appealing with our solicitor. With doctors medical reports completed due to stress they caused which led to my depression. Basically we couldn’t pay in one lump sum per month but rather in two payments by card over the phone as my husband changed jobs and now got paid fortnightly. This resulted in them bombarding me with phone calls telling me they “prefer” me to pay monthly and I had this conversation with them every two weeks when I rang to pay often resulting in me breaking down on the phone. They wouldn’t stop for years. A few complaints were filed along the way and the high fixed rate mortgage along with having a further 3 children meant I could no longer work to pay a childminder. I’ve not worked since which has been hard on the family financially and hasn’t helped my mental health. I think it might be going to the appeals board in two weeks so keep your fingers crossed. Funny how they couldn’t be nicer over the phone to me now compared to having me in tears years ago.


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With respect, I wouldn't use this as an argument. It is not KBC's fault you had 3 children.
I think in fairness Newmaks was just painting a picture of what life was like while KBC were engaging in their very well documented harassment tactics. having kids is part of that life people try to get on with while the black cloud of KBC and their ilk hang over them


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Hi, my mortgage isn't complicated and I still have no received anything. I contacted them during the week and they said it is slow because it is a case by case basis and all amounts are different.
Hey there did u once say u had a copy of mail received by IIB to brokers stating a roll off to tracker for all fixed rate on expiry?