KBC not showing DIRT-amount(s)

Discussion in 'Deposits' started by Godfather, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Godfather

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    Hi, KBC is in my opinion the only bank in Ireland not showing DIRT amounts when the interest is paid:
    - neither as comment as soon as the net interest appears
    - nor as downloadable certificate when interest is paid

    I just tried to call them asking for the DIRT-amount (I want to make sure the correct amount without any formulas for my tax-return) and they couldn't communicate to me yet.

    Last year I got the info in writing only in February... Will the same happen this year? I find this very disappointing. DIRT-amount should be an easy to be shared information in their online banking...
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  2. Pinesky

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    Divide the net amount by 0.59 to get the gross amount . revenue are not going to be bothered by a few pence rounding .
  3. Godfather

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    Thank you Pinesky, I believe your suggestion is a good temporary turn-around for someone so perfectionist like me... :D
  4. Laramie

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    Would a "closing statement" of you account show a statement of each entry?