KBC - Lost tracker incorrectly, but had sold property as it was unaffordable on SVR

Discussion in 'Central Bank tracker review' started by Dpdp01050842, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Dpdp01050842

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    Due to the complexity the case has been sent from the redress panel to the Independent Appeals Panel. I think based on the CB guidelines committee 2 is referring back to committee 1.
  2. Brendan Burgess

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    Hi DPD

    Each bank has two panels.

    The "small" one dealing with routine claims.

    The "big" one where there was loss of ownership. Yours is being handled by the correct one.

  3. Dpdp01050842

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    Thanks BB. That makes sense given loss of property and resultant losses is the crux of my appeal.
  4. Dpdp01050842

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    Rejected. Panel said they didnt agree but didnt give reasons as to why. Honestly 100% we sold because we couldn't afford the repayments. I understand they are independent so im really questioning my own logic.
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    What options are left to you now Dpdp01 ?
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    Can you expand on your answer for rejection?
    The bank has to respond with reasons for rejection under the guidelines as provided by the Central Bank.
    Also can you explain why your thread starts with KBC and then you say that your mortgage is with EBS? Which is it?

    This is the Central Banks guidance so a bank not providing an explanation is BS.

    "The Appeals Panels must provide customers with a full written explanation of the reasons for their decisions (including, for example, in respect of requests for further information, Oral Hearings and the final decisions of the Appeals Panels). In this regard sufficient detail should be provided to ensure that customers know why the Appeals Panels reached their decisions. Such detail should be specific to customers’ cases and should not be generic.

    To ensure consistency in this regard, Lenders should provide Appeals Panels with template decision forms to ensure that all decisions of the Appeals Panels address certain matters relevant to their particular decisions.

    Where Appeals Panels provide draft copies of their decisions to Lenders to review for any material factual errors before they are issued in final form, customers should be provided with copies of same and given the opportunity to provide submissions regarding any material factual errors that they can identify and challenge submissions that Lenders make regarding errors also. "