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Discussion in 'Tracker Redress' started by Cooper101, 12 Feb 2019.

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    Hi guys,
    Bit of a lurker here but first time poster.

    So my story is, we drewdown our mortgage in March 06, went interest only for the first year & then fixed for the second year. I was just wondering is there anyone here pursuing the ‘all’ fixed loans rolling to tracker. I’ve contacted them a couple of times & have all my documents going back to drawdown... anyway long & short of it, they’re saying this flyer only related to new business Not sure now whether or not to leave it, or seek further advice???? Probably banging my head against a wall but just thought I’d check here before putting it out of my mind!!!!
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    I would strongly pursue

    And contact Padraic Kissane if you haven't already

    And send complaint to ombudsman
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    Just curious and maybe I am way off here.But I see Brendan Burgess is getting ready to take legal action with A.I.B over the mortgages that were on a fixed rate and were meant to roll on to a tracker when the fixed rate expired. AIB offered that cohort €1600 in redress. Are the cohort of people that are involved with the infamous flyer in a similar boat as we were promised something similar.
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    Who done the initial mortgage application - broker or yourself? Who done the follow-up the year after to fix the rate - was this done via a broker or directly with yourselves? If its with a broker, are they still in business and what do they say on the matter?

    Personally, I think you will find it very hard to convince KBC you are in scope. Their view is you were already a customer and are just changing rate on the same terms as the mortgage you signed up to a year previously. Padraic Kissane may have more luck, but that route will cost you a small amount of money, and really dont know how successful you will be.

    If it was me, I would try fight a bit more, but also on the assumption it really is a long shot and I am unlikely to get anything out of it..... Fighting with KBC can be a very long and tough process...
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    gnf_ireland, We went through a broker (& yes they are still in business) the broker had actually originally recommended fixing for the first year but then with mounting moving in costs, recommended the discounted rate for the first 12 months & fixing it thereafter. (After our original conversations with the broker, I think we went directly to IIB though with regard to fixing the rate the year after). I’ve contacted the broker to see if they have anything in their files. I’ve also emailed Padraic Kissane to see if he’s taking on any further cases & whether in reality he thinks we have any case. I agree though it’d be a hard sell to get KBC to see us as in scope. Unless something happens in the meantime to include ‘all’ fixed rates in that year rolling to tracker. Not to worry, we missed the boat & will try not dwell too much
    Many thanks again.