KBC has decided to stay in Ireland

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    “We believe Ireland is a sound and attractive market which presents opportunities and in which we wish to play a more active role. It provides diversification to our operations in Western and Central Europe.

    “Going forward, Ireland will be a core market in which KBC will continue to invest. The Bank will be a frontrunner in the digital transformation of the KBC Group where digital solutions will be tested for further group-wide roll-out. We believe we have the people in Ireland with the right skills, the energy and determination to do this and we are ready to support them. In the medium and long-term this customer-centric approach will result in a sustainable future-proof business model and financial results for KBC Bank Ireland, to the benefit of its customers, staff and all other stakeholders.”
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  2. jim

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    Brilliant news
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    Now lets hope they have a big party tonight and get so merry that they drop their Variable rate to 2%
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    Just wondering - is it worth taking a mortgage with KBC? They do have attractive rates for new customers and yes, have decided to stay in Ireland after all.

    But at the same time KBC mortgage advisor emailed our letter in principle to two complete strangers – got BOTH email addresses wrong, although it was just a matter of ‘copy and paste’ from previous correspondence or typing them correctly as per the application form. And I only found out about this 10 days later, when enquired about progress of our application.

    A couple of colleagues opened current accounts and took mortgages with KBC in the last few years. They found the bank difficult to deal with– lots of misinformation, lack of replies.

    I am concerned that KBC may not be the best choice long term, even if they seem the cheapest.

    What do you think?
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    Time and again i find them excellent to deal with. In fact, for me, its their best feature and given the incompetence i have had to put up with with aib and boi over the years they are a breath of fresh air. Know many other that feel the same ut each to their own :)
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    We had a bad experience with them. All we had was a Fixed Term Deposit account. But they made mistakes, sent out letters with incorrect information, and it took ages (and lots of phone calls from me) to try to get things resolved. The paperwork was never resolved to my satisfaction - but we did manage to close the account.
    I won't go near them again.