KBC KBC before the Finance Committee next Tuesday


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Hi @Jazz
Yes the Ombudsmen has began their investigations on the tracker issues.
Forward your case to them ,once you have a final response from your bank .
I personally wouldn't appeal to the FSPO without the benefit of the Central Bank's final report . Originally the FSPO had said ( and this advice remains in the FAQs on their website) that they were putting all tracker appeals on hold pending completion of the CB review as "We believe it is in the best interest of the complainant to put their complaint on hold until the outcome of the Central Bank Examination. "
FSPO are dealing with tracker appeals now but I can't see what has changed since their quoted advice above. You wouldn't now what might emerge in the coming months that might have implications for an appeal.
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Hi jazzed 1
I can only comment on my case and this is progressing to the investigation stage with the fspo at this time. So my advice would be to lodge your complaint as it has taken a year and half to get to this stage with my case.