KBC KBC Announcement Feb 2019


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Hi all,

At their results today, KBC have announced the following:

"As part of the ongoing tracker mortgage examination, KBC has notified the Central Bank of an additional 661 impacted customers"

Does anyone know what cohort of mortgages this relates to? Have they changed the timeline of the account impacted by the flyer or anything like that?



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here's the full wording - it would suggest that those affected have been notified already

Tracker Mortgage Examination

The total number of mortgage accounts identified as impacted as part of the examination now stands at 3,737. As part of the ongoing tracker mortgage examination, KBC has recently notified the Central Bank of Ireland of an additional 661 impacted customers.

All previously identified cases received redress and compensation payments in 2018. The recently identified cases are on a tracker rate and will receive full redress and payments by the end of March 2019.

KBC reiterates its apology to all impacted customers for the distress caused by the bank’s errors and actions.
Customer redress and compensation for all identified cases falls within the €120 million provision previously allocated.

Wim Verbraeken, Chief Executive, KBC Bank Ireland said:
“The tracker mortgage examination has been a top priority for KBC to ensure we right the wrongs experienced by our customers. We currently do not anticipate that further accounts will be identified, and continue our work to close a chapter on what has been a distressing experience for customers affected and one that has damaged trust in the banking sector. We would like to again acknowledge the bank’s errors that occurred in relation to the rate administration of tracker mortgages and apologise to those affected.”


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Anybody on here have recent success with KBC ? Id love to know what the circumstances were surrounding the additional 661 and why they werent deemed impacted in 2017. This is a torturous process death by a 1000 cuts in many ways, I really would love to put the whole episode to bed. Tracker fatigue indeed