Laya Just a gotcha to watch out for in Layas Dental Plans

Discussion in 'Health Insurance and healthcare costs' started by qwerty5, Nov 14, 2017 at 2:02 PM.

  1. qwerty5

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    I've the Simply Connect plan. This covers 50% of you routine dental treatment.

    So I got my teeth cleaned a month ago and sent in the receipt. I was refused the refund of the 50% as I got it done by a hygienist rather than a dentist. In terms of getting my teeth cleaned I don't know what either profession does differently. They're both part of the same practice and to me it seemed logical to see the person that specialized in what I wanted done.

    I queried it but they just told me had to be a dentist. It is in their T&Cs so there's nothing underhand. I'd just assumed wrongly.
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    Good to know! I claimed last year for it and there is a hygienist in the practice but I specifically asked for the dentist for no good reason really.