Judge warns over bad legal advice from non-qualified persons

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    Judge warns over bad legal advice from non-qualified persons

    The defendants had opposed the application and had rejected the receiver's claims.

    The matter had been before the court and adjourned on a number of previous occasions, most recently to allow the parties to obtain lawyers to represent them.

    Today Ms Justice Reynolds, after being satisfied the defendants had no legal defence to the receiver's claim, made orders granting Mr Fennell possession of the premises.

    The Judge told the owners that they had been badly advised.

    The judge also raised concerns over legal submissions offered to the court in respect of the dispute which Mr Early told the court had been put together after he was in contact with a Mr William Murphy - who is prohibited by the High Court from acting as a legal advisor.

    The Judge said that letter sent to various parties, including the GardaĆ­, by Mr O'Neill was "scurrilous" and contained averments about what had occurred in court that were simply not true.

    The judge said when the matter returns before the court on the next occasion she expected Mr O'Neill to have a legal representative to answer what she said was his alleged contempt.
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