Joint owner deceased - outstanding management fees

Discussion in 'Issues arising from joint mortgages' started by Confused83, 22 Oct 2018.

  1. Confused83

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone had experience of were one owner sadly passes away and there are outstanding management fees in relation to a property owned jointly.

    Do these fees pass on to the Co owner automatically?
  2. Seagull

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    Simple answer is yes.

    More complicated answer - Management fees are against the property, rather than an individual. That's why one of the things that needs checking when buying property is whether there are any outstanding management fees, as the new owner becomes liable for any unpaid fees.
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  3. Bronte

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    If the two coowners were paying 1/2 the fees each than the estate of the deceased would probably pay half. They certainly will have to pay all if the property is to be sold.
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